Total Home Filtration System Level 1

$670.00 - $999.00

Total Home Filtration System Level 1: For small homes and townhomes with up to 2 people

The Cartridge Tank® offers extended service and life, and a more cost-effective and efficient filtration solution. Utilizing patented industry exclusive liner design and no tools, full radial seal top and bottom caps make replacement simple. Cartridge Tank® makes it easy to access and remove the internal flirtation solution.

Lightweight and cost effective; residential Point-of-Entry (POE) installations for city and well water applications, this is the Filtration solution of the future…100% non-metallic! The Cartridge Tank® is a high performance, NSF 42 listed device and has been tested to 100 psi operating pressure with 4:1 Burst Safety Factor.

The Cartridge Tank Filtration System incorporates surface modified carbon block filter technology that is highly effective in reducing bad taste, odor and chlorine from potable drinking water.  The filters are made of coconut shell carbon which has more micropores compared to other types of carbon for better adsorption of contaminants.  

Coupled with a unique binder system, these carbon block filters deliver a product with superior adsorption capacity and kinetic dynamics. The unique high capacity filters provide cost effective water filtration solutions in a size and configuration that offers ease-of-use, extended service life and high capacity, with a low pressure loss

Crown Double Water Filter (counter-top or undercounter)

The ceramic filter is designed to remove parasites, bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, lead, particulates and chemicals. The Fluoride & Heavy Metal filter is designed to remove Fluoride at 0.8 ppb and numerous heavy metals (see chart below). In addition, the unit will improve taste and odor of the source water. The ceramic filters are uniquely cleanable and prevent the regrowth of microorganisms that become trapped in the filter.

These ceramic filters have been tested at several independent laboratories in accordance with NSF protocols. The housing is made from Food Grade, non-leachable Polypropylene. The unit comes with 2 filters, faucet, brackets and all hook up accessories. Countertop unit supplied with 2 filters, diverter assembly and hook up accessories.


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A water that works great in a Los Angeles home may not be the best for a New York apartment. There are different contaminants in each water supply, and we're here to help you choose which filter system is best for you.