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Recognition. It’s not always possible to detect pollutants in your household water, but sometimes there are tell tale signs to look for. One clue is red or brown stains on sinks or fixtures. Is there white scale material on fixtures or cookware? And a sure tip-off is the presence of objectionable odors or tastes in your drinking water. However, the most accurate way to determine what is in your source water is to obtain your water quality report from your local water treatment plant. If your water comes from a private or community well, CWR offers a selection of comprehensive tests performed by an accredited lab to identify all components making up your water.

Analysis. Before proceeding with a formal test analysis, request a recent water report from your water district. We can often obtain one for you, and if not, we can supply you with an independent laboratory test kit.

This comprehensive home water test will confirm the presence of bacteria, heavy metals, trihalomethanes, chemicals, pesticides and much more. You will receive the results in several weeks from the testing laboratory.

Evaluation. In addition to assessing your water reports, you’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire (Click here for questionnaire). This will help us determine the extent of your contamination. We can then formulate a realistic strategy for alleviating the problems with your household water.

Recommendation. Our experts will design a custom Total Home Filtration Plan that will address your water purification needs as well as your budgetary needs.

A water quality specialist will discuss all of the available options, including system components, plumbing requirements and ongoing maintenance.

Installation. Every component of the Total Home Filtration System is tested and certified. Naturally, detailed schematic plans and instructions are supplied to aid professional plumbers through every phase of the installation process.

Support. A service technician is available to answer questions you may have concerning installation or component operation. Periodically, we send maintenance reminders when the filters and tanks need periodic adjustment or replacement media. Our 800 number offers quick and easy access to our many services, so call us, and let our water quality specialists help you make your home a clean water home.

"I've been looking all over the internet for a place to leave a review, so when you get this PLEASE post this where you see fit. I've been a customer of Clean Water Revival for many years and have been using their air purification systems and been exceptionally happy with the product they provide as well as the service. Most recently I had to replace the water purification system for my house and under the counter water filtration for my kitchen sink. The quality of the under the counter unit was great, and the water pressure coming from it put my old unit to shame. The water tastes better, and I thought I had a good unit before. The system that Dr. Roy Speiser provided for the water entering my house was custom designed for my house based on the water testing that had been researched for my community. It was so far superior to what I had, I'm kind of embarrassed that I hadn't done this sooner. The tank and medium that the water runs through prior to entering my house looks professional, and the water is crystal clear and literally exudes health. Because of a recent life threatening illness, I wanted the best water purification system I could find. Clean Water Revival was the answer, and I highly recommend them without reservation!"

--Dr. Steven Kringold

"I purchased a water filter system for my primary home , in Fort Lauderdale the water is really yellow so they offered me 2 big tanks , I am so happy , the water is clear , and my entire house is drinkable water ! Roy , The owner of this company is very knowledgeable. Efficient and they offer great service . I had a local plumbing company do the installation it was recommended by Roy and it was perfect ! 4 star plumbing did the job"

--Lourdes Maestres

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