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Our Mission

Back to Basics:

Our two basic necessities as humans are air and water. Unfortunately, we are currently surrounded by a world of toxic contaminants ranging anywhere from chlorine, pesticides, and solvents to pharmaceuticals, fluoride, heavy metals and radioactivity. As a result of this widespread pollution, It is becoming more difficult each day to find these basics in an unpolluted form. At CWR we promise to provide the most advanced and effective air and water purification equipment so that you can protect yourself from today's toxic contaminants and discover a healthier you.

Dr Roy M Speiser

Our Story:

While practicing as holistic care practitioners in Long Island, New York, Dr. Roy Speiser and Dr. Diane Romeo noticed a significant number of their patients were developing different types of cancers. They were both concerned and began to take a pro-active approach in discovering why so many of their patients were ill. In their efforts, Dr. Speiser was soon appointed co-chairman of a local advisory committee that investigated environmental issues for the local government. After thorough research, the committee discovered several industrial waste sites that had been illegally dumping chemicals and other toxic substances into the ground water. This was later correlated with a higher incidence of cancer in that area. As a result of his findings, Dr. Speiser began searching for the most effective filtration solutions to remove contaminants from our drinking water.

CWR Environmental Products is now a national company located in Stuart, Florida. The President, Dr. Diane Romeo, has 27 years of experience as a holistic care practitioner. Her husband, Dr. Roy M. Speiser, is Vice President and co-founder. Dr. Speiser is also a holistic health care practitioner with degrees in bacteriology and biochemistry, plus more than 35 years of clinical and research experience, and also Level-5 Water Quality Specialist.

Dr Roy Speiser and Dr Diane Romeo

Product You Can Trust

CWR is recognized as a leader in providing the most effective filtration systems to individuals with special health disorders such as cancer, compromised immune systems and multiple chemical sensitivities. Our custom designed air and water filtration systems are recommended by leading environmental doctors, nutritionists, and holistic M.D.’s throughout the United States.

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