Air Purification Units

Indoor Air Pollution - The #1 Health Crisis Nobody is Talking About

We’ve all heard about the dangers of secondhand smoke, glyphosate, Teflon, aluminum nanoparticles, 5G and, of course, Covid-19. But why is it that the most urgent health concern that affects us 24/7 is rarely discussed? I’m talking about the invisible, inescapable, and possibly the most toxic danger present in our very homes and workplaces – the indoor air we breathe.

The CWR Difference.

Air purifiers can help protect you and your family from toxic, harmful contaminants in the air you breathe in your home. Buying the wrong Air Purifier can not only cost you thousands, but it may not even reduce the contaminants in your air to safe breathing levels.

This is why CWR only carries the best Air Purifiers on the market. Both our Austin Air Purifiers, and our smaller air purifiers & sanitizers help reduce contaminants in your air supply to safer breathing levels. It is proven that CWR’s Air Purifiers filter out ultra-fine particles and purify the air that you breathe to provide you with a safer, healthier, indoor environment.

Our Exclusive Air Purifier!

CWR also carries the Heathway Air Purifier. Please call us for information.

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