Slimline Water Filters

Ceramic Filters have been produced for over 150 years and are used in over 140 countries world wide for drinking water filtration. Ceramic filters have been a global leader in basic water filtration, helping to provide clean, safe, great tasting filtered water to millions of people every single day. CWR provides you with a simple, yet highly effective and low cost way to reduce toxic contaminants in your drinking water, to safe levels that you and your family can rest assured about.

For additonal contaminant protection, take a look at the Crown Water Filter Series.

CWR has developed a revolutionary new technology called the Crown Water Filter Series. Harnessing similar technology as the Standard Ceramic Filters, the CWR Crown Series utilizes a new media that gives our filters the ability to remove additional contaminants such as: chloramine, THM's and HAA's. With more and more contaminants being added to your water supply every year, you have to be sure that you receive the maximum protection from toxic chemicals and contaminants in your water supply, and The Crown Series Water Filters combined with our New Ultra-Ceramic will help you achieve and maintain those standards. 

Combined with an Upgrade Filter of your choice, your filter can remove additional contaminants such as: nitrates, fluoride & heavy metals, VOC's (volatile organic chemicals), high sediment and particulates, and even alkalize acidic water. 

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