Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We had our whole house filtration system installed this past weekend and are so excited about! Our plumber said that CWR team was super responsive and helpful when he called, so thank you for that. The water tastes great!

-L.Haleigh, Poughkeepsie, NY

I purchased a water filter system for my primary home , in Fort Lauderdale the water is really yellow so they offered me 2 big tanks , I am so happy , the water is clear , and my entire house is drinkable water ! Roy , The owner of this company is very knowledgeable. Efficient and they offer great service . I had a local plumbing company do the installation it was recommended by Roy and it was perfect ! 4 star plumbing did the job

-Lourdes Maestres

Dr. Roy Speiser - is the only person I would ever recommend to help you have the best of the best water quality in your house. He will help you through the entire process from testing to treatment design to finding an installer. We have been using him in all our homes for over 10 years, as well as business clients and our entire family members.

-Chelsye G., Peterborough, NH

I have been a customer for more than 20 years. These products are great! They are my favorite quality products and I buy the smaller products as my favorite gifts.

-Elaine Ryan

Hi Chris,
I just wanted to say that, in addition to all my appreciation of your products, i must express my sincere admiration for your packing! really! i came home to a large box with big dents on the top, as if someone had stomped on it with their feet i don't know if it happened in transit or while it was sitting there in the lobby of my building... remaining calm, i brought it upstairs and, to my great relief, saw that everything was fine! so, gratulations to you and everyone at CWR for doing everything right! best wishes and thanks always sincerely,

-Richard Tabnik

I've been looking all over the internet for a place to leave a review, so when you get this PLEASE post this where you see fit. I've been a customer of Clean Water Revival for many years and have been using their air purification systems and been exceptionally happy with the product they provide as well as the service. Most recently I had to replace the water purification system for my house and under the counter water filtration for my kitchen sink. The quality of the under the counter unit was great, and the water pressure coming from it put my old unit to shame. The water tastes better, and I thought I had a good unit before. The system that Dr. Roy Speiser provided for the water entering my house was custom designed for my house based on the water testing that had been researched for my community. It was so far superior to what I had, I'm kind of embarrassed that I hadn't done this sooner. The tank and medium that the water runs through prior to entering my house looks professional, and the water is crystal clear and literally exudes health. Because of a recent life threatening illness, I wanted the best water purification system I could find. Clean Water Revival was the answer, and I highly recommend them without reservation!

Dr. Steven Kringold

Awesome. Love it. So easy set up and instant results. I live in Yuma Arizona where we have the worst tasting and smelling water I have ever experienced. My water now tastes clean and pure. No smell, no bad taste. Wish I would have gotten it sooner!!

Deborah Burns

It gives added peace of mind during the pandemic!

C.Heepe, Lindenhurst, NY

I am so very pleased with my Crown unit so far. My water tastes superior to bottled water any day. I went to the store on the weekend and didn't have a need to purchase any. I'm so glad we made the investment for clean water. Thank you guys!

P. Folds, Jamaica, NY

I am the proud owner of the Healthway Air Purifier form CWR. What an amazing difference in the cleanliness and health of my home! I am a nurse and have 4 exotic birds. With the threat of the flu looming and the risk of so many airborne microbes, I feel very confident that neither me or my birds will ever be at risk of ‘catching’ anything. Anyone who is concerned about the purity of the air they are breathing should own one of these units

L. Pennesi, RN, MS

I use your product in my office. We have seen a noticeable reduction in dust build up on our computers and my employees rave about how clean the air seems in the office. I truly believe I gain a higher productivity from my employees due to this wonderful air purifier. Thanks

M. Flemming, Syracuse, NY

Since purchasing your air purifier in our home we have had less allergies and have been able to breath better. If you have pets, I highly recommend Healthway products. Our friends and family have all noticed the difference in air quality in our home.

M. Silva, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have many trees on my property and my children suffer from allergies to molds, trees and pollen. The Healthway Air Purifier has certainly made the difference in my children’s breathing, they now sleep through the night. Thank you so much.

Dr. Levine, Morristown, NJ

Wow, what a difference in the air quality after putting the Healthway in my laundry room. I couldn’t stand going into my laundry room, it was so moldy and in only 2 days the room was completely odor free.

T. Maltese, Houston, TX

Thanks so much for a product that really lives up to what you say. Your product is worth every penny!

A. Derosa, Brewerton, NY

I have 2 kids and both have serious respiratory problems. We have seen a significant difference in the quality of life for both of our children since we started operating the air purifier. I highly recommend this product to any person or family looking to take preventative measures in protecting their children form allergy and asthma flair ups.

R. Miller, San Obsipo, CA

We have searched high and low for a high quality air purification system. We have tried many other systems on the retail shelves, with disappointing results. After consulting my physician, I realized I needed to take more drastic measures. I did my research and found that this air purifier system, not only captures dangerous particles, but kills them once and for all. After purchasing and using the system, I can honestly say, the product really lives up to the hype.

T. Parah, VT

For people with allergies this is a must own product. A very effective & efficient air filter system!

G. Bernstein, Scapposse, OR

Awesome technology, looks good, quiet on high. CWR salesperson was incredibly helpful.

A. Gilbertson, New Rochelle, NY

This Mini Air Purifier seems to be a life saver now…Thanks

E. Cousar Binghamton, NY

My Mini Air Purifier will help me when I go shopping in this crisis

-R. Brady New Hyde Park, NY

Shower Bath Testimonial

Latest wellness upgrade at our home is water filters. After reading @branchbasics‘ blog - “How to choose the best water filter for every budget.” I went to their recommended source @cwrenviroproducts and did the free water consultation survey. After working with Chris S. we purchased a shower and bath filter (already noticing a difference with our skin) and drinking water filter. 💦
If you are interested in pulling up your local tap water test go to; *This does not mean buy bottled water.

-Jacki Campbell

A long time CWR customer called and noted that they were getting a chlorine smell from their filtered water that they had not experienced in over 6 years of using a CWR Double filter. After discussing the issue with Dr. Speiser, CWR's water specialist, he reviewed their recent Water Quality Report.

-A. Lloyd, Uniontown, OH

The system has been installed for about one week...and the results are simply remarkable! The water tastes so much better (presumably because of the iron removal) and the spotting of dishes and the white deposits on our pots are completely gone! This is probably good news for our water heater and other plumbing too. Thanks for recommending such effective products.

-W. Martin

Total Home Filtration

"CWR has the "BEST" products ever!! Love all my filters"

-Binder, D

Crown Water Filter Series


-Sophie B, Westport, CT

Your company is very service oriented. Let me emphasize what a pleasure it has been in dealing with CWR all these years. Very few company's of any kind have such a track record of consistent quality products, consistent quality people, and consistent quality service.

-U. Rich

Total Home Filtration

Delicious, refreshing, tasty and healthful water from the city, well, the swamp and swimming pool.

-L. Cox- Ponce Inlet, FL

Dear Dr. Speiser,
Once again I find myself thankful for your help with the water filtration for my "new" condo and the related plumbing matters.
Marilee Nelson, of Branch Basics is my God-sent angel and her recommendation to work with you regarding water filtration was another wonderful gift for my new home project and health going forward.

-Judy N., Texas

I recently bought emergency portable gravity filter. It's a great addition for back up support. Now I am worry free for my family during travel or at home. Thanks for great product.

-S. Ali, Spring, TX

Gravity Emergency Filters

An excellent addition to one's home emergency survival kit, especially aganist biological contaminants.

-A.R Klos- Bloomfield, NJ

Emergency Survival Filtration

"In December 2013, I began to feel like our water was burning me when I showered, but I really thought I was just imagining things. How could water hurt?"
Click Here To Read More About The Luft Family’s Amazing Experience

-The Luft Family

Total Home Filtration

I have been working with Clean Water Revival for over 15 years. I am so impressed with the quality of their filtration systems and expertise that I have written about them in several of my books. I currently have a whole house system with a special tank equipped to get rid of uranium - which Dr. Speiser found in our water supply here in Northern Idaho. His analysis of our local water supply enabled him to customize the proper whole house filter for my family. I hope more people will search him out and utilize the high caliber filters that CWR offers.

-Ann Louise Gittleman, Post Falls, ID

Total Home Filtration

I noticed that after my shower, I feel clean, my skin feels so refreshed and vibrant

-B. Lord, Bakersfield, CA

Shower & Bathtub Filters

Dear Dr. Speiser,
I am very happy with both the filtration system and the service provided by CWR.
I already had been using your under counter water filter which worked great and really provided beautifully clean water without any strange tastes or odors. It took me a while to get the whole house system in, but I finally found someone who did a good job installing the system. Now, whenever I wash the dishes or take a shower, there is no chlorine smell and I can enjoy taking shower without thinking that my body is sucking up all that chlorine and other toxins.
Also, thanks very much for all your help. You were always available to answer any questions and provided me with a very personal and high level of service. I have wanted to put a whole house system in for quite a while, and I am very happy that I finally had it done.
Thanks again,

-Argentino. A, Ryebrook, NY

Total Home Filtration

For Christmas I purchased a water filter for my son believing it was your filter. But it was made in China. Today I have ordered the real deal, your filter. Now he will have one that works and makes healthful water. I am so grateful for you and your products and will continue to shop with you.
I really appreciate all of your help on the phone last week selecting a filter system. We received the water filter system yesterday and have started using it. WE are very pleased with it! the water tastes great. I really appreciated your matter of fact approach in going over options, and how it was clear that your intention was to get people on good water tather than sell a product, which was very refreshing andg ave me confidence in purchasing from you. Thank you again.

-Lepeltier. M

Crown Water Filter Series

My itchy skin is better, my hair is softer, after just one shower.

-Ranock, L- Oak Park, CA

Shower & Bathtub Filters

Thank you for enclosing a new kitchen faucet fixture. What a difference that makes for me for ease of use. The other faucet corroded from the hard water in a very short time…. All seems to be well with the installation. I'm noticing that the water in the shower is softer and my eyes aren't as red or burning after showering. The dishwasher has less white residue showing up on the dishes. Thanks again for all you do for your many sensitive customers…All the best

-Priscilla S., Falls Church, VA

I have used your water filter for about 10 years and I love it!

-D. Scott, Mansfield, OH

Crown Water Filter Series

No more itching. My hair and skin feel nice and soft. No more itching after my shower.

-P. Cullick- Audubon, PA

Shower & Bathtub Filters

My husband and I live in Maine in a tiny waterfront cottage - lovely view but terrible well water! Our neighbors got good water from their wells but ours was FULL of iron and manganese. Just washing dishes would stain our fingers black. The shower, glasses, pots, pans all got stained, and we had to pour Iron Out into the toilet at an alarming rate to manage the iron ring. Even then we scrubbed, and scrubbed...

These are the best water filters I’ve seen of the dozen brands I have tried over the period of 40 years.

-W. Mc Alllister, Orlando, FL

Crown Water Filter Series

I noticed that after my very first shower, I feel cleaner and my skin feels so refreshed and vibrant.

-S.H.- N. Bethesda, MD

Shower & Bathtub Filters

We really didn't think there was a solution. We didn't like the idea of buying a system that would add chemicals to the water, and when we consulted with the man who dug our well, he said we were likely to have the same problem anywhere we put a well on our property.
A friend suggested the Clean Water Revival system and we were immediately intrigued. Such a simple concept - oxidize the water to bond with the particles of iron and manganese and then collect them as they dropped out of the solution - we loved the idea of using basic chemistry for good, and when Dr. Roy Speiser was able to design a system that would fit in our tiny space, we decided to go for it.
We have been THRILLED. The water has no palpable traces of iron or manganese. Hands and plates actually get clean when you wash them! The toilet doesn't develop an iron ring or require tons of scrubbing. It is delightful, now, to take a shower or even a bath because the water is really, really good. My husband's hair dresser is still commenting on how much healthier his hair has become.
We have not yet gotten over our appreciation for the simple goodness of fresh, clean water. The system works, with very little upkeep, for a very tough water situation. We are very grateful.

-Sara Wright and Larry LaRochelle

Total Home Filtration

Our family has been enjoying your ceramic filtered water since 1994. Pure water tastes great. Thank you for an affordable product.

-J. Kawanura, Waimea, HI

Crown Water Filter Series

My wife has severe allergies and reactions to chlorine and any trace levels of heavy metals, pesticides and other unwanted elements that get into most municipalities' drinking water supplies. In August 2015, we purchased a custom designed whole house filtration system including a multi-filtration media tank and softener from Dr. Speiser at CWR. In addition, a CWR Triple All in One Water Filter was mounted under the kitchen sink. A local plumber installed the three systems in our home using the directions supplied by CWR.
The three systems are working great. We can't detect any odors from the water we use in the showers and sinks in the house and my wife feels very safe as a result. CWR has always been quick to respond to follow-up questions and to make sure we are satisfied that the systems are working to meet our needs. We appreciate their professionalism.

-E P Lierman, McKinney TX

Whole House Water System

I had a house built and had the well water tested. It had an iron value above the allowable limit on the County’s water test report. I knew I did not want a filtration system with chemicals so I contacted Clean Water Revival for help. The customer service was wonderful and I was able to find the right type of filtration system for my needs. I purchased the Iron Tank System for the whole house and I do not have any colored water nor stains in the shower or other places.
I also knew that I wanted to filter out heavy metals and other contaminants or toxic items so I purchased the Virtual RO System, which fits great under my kitchen sink cabinet. It does not take up a lot of room and the faucet on top has different options available so you can choose what will fit best with your sink. I had the well water tested by the county from the well, then again from the Virtual RO water which is also filtered by the Whole House System. The report showed reduced levels of copper, iron, lead, manganese, and zinc to levels that were undetectable. The pH had increased making the water I drink more alkaline. I will definitely use CWR for any filtration needs.

-C. B, Charlotte, NC

Total Home Filtration

We have found all products to be of exceptional quality!

-B. Wolenec, Chippewa Falls, WI

Crown Water Filter Series

Excellent company!!! I highly recommend CWR (Clean Water Revival). Roy and the staff of experienced professionals were knowledgeable, caring and extremely helpful. They care about the health of the water AND the health of us as individuals. Prior to moving into our new house, the water had 16x the amount iron, it was highly acidic, had an odor and stained brown all the fixtures. Researching on our own only added to our confusion, but peace of mind came the minute we called Roy. CWR is the only company I would recommend for any type of water filtration system. Ours was a three tank system and we love the sink filter too. All I know is that it is worth my peace of mind. As a two time cancer patient, I need healthy water. Now I have it. Hallelujah!!!

-L & V Tunkel, Blue Ridge, GA

I’m a user of your products since 1986, your products always perform as promised.

-B. Lord, Bakersfield, CA

Crown Water Filter Series

As a cancer survivor, clean filtered water is a must. Peace of mind is everything!

-Deprez, C . Blairsville, GA

Crown Water Filter Series

Exactly what we wanted. My husband even likes the taste of our water now and he's very picky!

-Bohne, S. - Madison, WI

Crown Water Filter Series

" I am glad to have a filter from a company concerned with the environment."

-B. Spooner, Bronx, NY

I can't tell you how happy I am being able to drink pure, sparking, clean water now from my own well after buying bottled water for 24 years. The money I save not buying bottled water means more money I have to spend on other essentials like food. I don't have to wonder about the purity of my water because all impurities and contaminants have been filtered out. I am no longer ingesting phthalates from the plastic bottles I used to drink from, so this is a boost for my overall health, as phthalates are the number one pollutant in our bodies today.
I just wish I had seen the advertisement for the CWR Carbonized Ceramic Filter ( that I now have installed under my kitchen sink) earlier- I would have done this years ago! Dr. Roy Speiser spent a lot of time over the phone patiently answering all of my questions concerning installing the water purification system and I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and caring he was. I would recommend dealing with CWR if you ever consider drinking your own water.

-Brucella, L- Clinton, CT

Crown Water Filter Series

Dear Dr. Speiser,
My family and I have been using CWR's water filtration equipment for over 10 years and I also recommend them to my patients. When patients come to my home office, I always give them a cup of my pure water which they usually reply, "this is really good tasting water!" Then I explain the importance of pure water and plenty of it. I also speak to them about why they should have CWR's equipment in their home. Once people have your water filter, they always tell me how much they and their friends love the taste of the water. Also, when we use the shower filters we do not breathe or smell chlorine and our skin is not dry and itchy.
I also want to say that another major reason I use and recommend CWR's equipment is that I know you are honest and care about our health and want to be sure we drink the purest water possible. I always tell people that we want your equipment and not another kind because you are up to date in your research on the contaminants in water to assure our water is the purest possible.
I want to thank you for all your efforts and we will continue to use CWR's equipment for all our water needs.

-Dr. Madeline Permutt, Chicage, II

Crown Water Filter Series