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Water and air— the basic, essential necessities for maintaining human life on Earth, are widely accepted as unlimited resources. The sad truth is that, because of environmental abuse, industrial greed and governmental neglect, the sustainability of these natural gifts is in jeopardy. Our most important resources have become carriers of toxic chemicals and disease-causing pollutants. Our water is unsafe to drink, and our air is unhealthy to breathe. Informed citizens understand that government and business cannot always be counted on to fully protect our health and well-being. Regretfully, economics and special interests have outpaced morality and ethical thinking..

Thankfully, there are responsible voices that continue to raise awareness about the health repercussions of environmental neglect. And, there are some who are actually reversing the trend. For over 35 years, Dr. Roy Speiser has championed the cause to mitigate air and waterborne toxins through consumer education, and the use of reliable filtration technologies. CWR Environmental Products has become a “go-to” source for trending environmental news, filtration expertise, and innovative products.

Dr. Speiser’s passion for maintaining water quality began decades ago, in New York, as a holistic healthcare practitioner. An unusual increase of cancer occurrence in his patients prompted inquiries and, ultimately, his involvement in a regional task force investigating the correlation between groundwater pollution and cancer. The findings revealed that the illegal dumping of industrial chemical waste had infiltrated the groundwater table, and contributed to a carcinogenic effect in the drinking water. Immediately, Dr. Speiser was compelled to help defuse these all-too- common, toxic time bombs. His research led him to one very important conclusion— the most effective way to purify contaminated water at the tap is through the use of multi-stage filtration equipment. That realization gave birth to CWR nearly 25 years ago, and today it provides an international customer base with over 150 advanced filtration systems for home and commercial use— addressing both water and air contamination.

Dr Roy Speiser

Dr. Speiser’s credentials are impeccable. Certified as a master, water-quality specialist, his training, field application and reputation are unsurpassed in the industry. He holds degrees in biology, biochemistry, bacteriology, and biomechanical engineering. He writes and lectures extensively on issues of water and air quality, environmental impact studies and related health issues. As the Director of Research for CWR Environmental Products, Dr. Speiser is tasked with continuously reviewing the scientific literature for evolving trends that can predict, identify, and combat, emerging forms of unregulated contaminants, toxic chemicals, and disease-causing microorganisms.

Together, Dr. Speiser and his wife, Dr. Diane Romeo, President of CWR, are leading the fight for better health through advanced filtration applications. More than an environmental spokesman, a water-quality expert, and a filtration visionary, he is an advocate of affordable safeguards— proven filtration systems that guarantee healthy air and water for you, your family, and your neighbors. Dr. Speiser is also a tireless professional— ready to share his knowledge, happy to respond to questions, and eager to make expert recommendations that will improve your home’s safety and value.

Product You Can Trust

CWR is recognized as a leader in providing the most effective filtration systems to individuals with special health disorders such as cancer, compromised immune systems and multiple chemical sensitivities. Our custom designed air and water filtration systems are recommended by leading environmental doctors, nutritionists, and holistic M.D.’s throughout the United States.

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