UltraGrav Emergency Filter with 2 Standard Ceramic w/Metalgon filters -Stainless Steel Gravity Unit -2 Gallons

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The Stainless Steel Gravity Filter unit is designed for use where pressurized and/ or potable water is not available. The unit uses gravity pressure to filter water from the upper chamber through the UltraGrav Efficiency Ceramic Filters to give you clean, safe water from any fresh water source.

  • The housing is made from Medical Grade Stainless Steel that is incredibly lightweight and durable.
  • The standard unit comes with 2 Standard UltraGrav+MetalgonTM Ceramic Filters. Two filters provides approximately 1/4 gallon per hour of water with a maximum output up to 1 gallon per hour with 4 filters. This unit can hold 2 larger Imperial UltraGrav+ Metalgon filters for faster flow. Flow rate WILL vary based on water conditions. 
  • The filter is uniquely cleanable to restore flow rate, providing up to 1000 gallons of clean, pure water.
  • Can be used for Emergency situations; hurricanes, water main breaks, sewage overflow, other natural disasters, camping, and even everyday use.

The new UltraGravTM Ceramic Filter can remove Fluoride and Toxic Heavy Metals. The UltraGravTM Ceramic also reduces pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, fluoride, lead, chromium, copper, and more.

  • UltraGrav Ceramic Filter: For situations where there is concern that there may be heavy metals or fluoride in your water, the UltraGrav Ceramic Filter can handle the pressure. The new UltraGravTM Ceramic Filter can remove Fluoride and Toxic Heavy Metals, a feature that standard ceramics do not have!  In addition, The UltraGrav Ceramic reduces chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic V, copper and more!
  • Upgrading to the Imperial UltraGrav Ceramic Filters filters with a 2.75" diameter advantage gives you up to 54% more surface area for greater filtration performance. This will increase your water volume production and provide you with the maximum amount of clean, pure, filtered water per hour. Unit can hold only 

  • Stage 1: The outer ceramic filter removes >99.99% of debris, sediment, and particulates down to 0.5 Microns.
  • Stage 2: The Granular Activated Carbon reduces chlorine, chlorine byproducts, bad taste & odor
  • Stage 3: The Metalgon Media mixed in with the Granular Activated carbon reduces Fluoride, and Heavy Metals such as: arsenic, chromium, mercury, lead, iron, manganese, mercury, and nickel.

  • Reduces particulates more effectively than any other emergency filter
  • Unit can hold up to 4 filters (supplied with 2) to increase flow rate per hour when more water volume is required
  • No priming necessary
  • Unit easily transports and can be set up in a seconds.Can be used in remote areas with any fresh water source

  • Fluoride: 99%
  • Silver: >50%
  • Aluminum, Cadmium, Iron, and Manganese: >80% 
  • Copper, Nickel, Zinc: >90%
  • Lead: >99%

Filtration Gallon Claims:

Reduction results are dependent upon source water quality. Results may vary over the life of the filter. 

We are very careful when making claims about how many gallons of water the filters can purify because they are used in a variety of contaminant conditions. For example, in an Emergency situation your source water could be a lake, river or stream. In this case the ceramic portion of the filter and MetalGon media inside the ceramic could last several thousand gallons with cleaning the outside of the filter. When using the filters with municipal supplied water, again the ceramics can last several thousand gallons but the MetalGon media inside the ceramic will last approximately 600 gallons in water that contains 2 parts per million or less of chlorine.  Heavy metal reduction will last approximately 300 gallons per filter. The number of people using the filters and the number and size of the filters will also be factors in how many gallons of water throughput can be achieved.



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