Oct 2nd 2022

Why you should avoid drinking bottled water

We know you care about your own and this planet's health. Read this blog entry to find out how you can help in reducing the negative effects caused by consumption of bottled water.

By Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz
August 08, 2022

50 billion plastic water bottles... a year.

This is the average bottled water consumption rate of Americans, ninety percent of which are not recycled after use, despite water bottle recycling being more accessible than ever. This means that billions of plastic bottles are entering our landfills and waste disposal systems, making them completely ineffective due to their sheer numbers.

But is this enough reason to ditch the oh-so-convenient bottled water? We've listed below 3 compelling reasons why you shouldn't just stop buying bottled water, but also why you should protest this billion-dollar industry.

1. Plastic bottles kill our oceans.

Our oceans - probably our leading source of food - has been and is continuously being polluted by plastic. As you may have guessed, disposable plastic bottles are among the leading pollutants of the world's oceans.

So, for every bottled water you drink, have you ever imagined the environmental cost of patronizing any products that utilize single-use plastic? It's a dire reality most of us are in denial with, as evident by our continuous consumption of single-use plastics like bottled water. However, If we don't commit ourselves to a change of mindset in line with reducing our current plastic footprint, it's highly likely that we'd be having roasted PET bottles for dinner instead of blue marlin by 2050.

2. It's not even healthy to begin with.

For all its purported convenience and "health benefits," bottled water is not necessarily higher quality than filtered tap water. Most advertisements for bottled water depict a fresh stream or mountain spring - a visual representation of consumer's desire for pure, clean drinking water. However, water that is bottled from natural spring are extremely rare. That bottled water you drank this morning most probably came from your municipal water supply. It's just branded drinking water.

While bottled water is often marketed as being higher quality than tap water, the fact is that in many instances bottle water is just glorified, overhyped tap water. Some water bottlers put their water through additional filtering, but many others do not and simply charge for the packaging. In some places, It's even better to drink from your tap than to consumer bottled water, as municipal water supply that comes to our homes is highly regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency. As for the case of bottled waters, not so much.

3. They're prone to contamination.

But perhaps the most serious risk associated with drinking bottled water is the fact that you might be exposed to harmful toxins from the plastic itself. Despite water not being acidic (unlike soda).  whenever you drink out of a plastic bottle, you risk yourself being contaminated with chemicals used to make these bottles. Toxins can leach into the water over time, and we're not just talking about ordinary contaminants. BPA and other plastic toxins can make their way into your bloodstream and infiltrate your organs, cause cancers, and damage your health. 

Unfortunately, scientists are currently oblivious to the potential long-term effects of ingesting plastic toxins through the consumption of bottled water. What we're positive about is these toxins will accumulate in your system over the years leaving you prone to a variety of health problems.

WHAT YOU CAN DO is to consider purchasing a water filtration system like CWR's Crown Water Filter series for your home. The health and environmental benefits of investing in a sophisticated water filter is worth any cost in the long run.