Posted by Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz on Feb 5th 2023

“This is a lifesaver” – Installation of CWR filtration system at Hippocrates Health Institute

This is a lifesaver Installation of CWR filtration system at Hippocrates Health Institute

February 2, 2023
Palm Beach, FL

Wellness advocate and co-director at the Hippocrates Health Institute Dr. Brian Clement lauded the outstanding quality, professionalism, and world-class service provided by CWR in the installation of an upgraded water filtration system for their facility in Palm Beach, Florida.

In an interview with CWR Vice President and water scientist Dr. Roy Speiser, the director emphasized the importance of consuming “pure water” in healing certain chronic diseases, highlighting Hippocrates’ mission of providing clean and safe drinking water to its patients. In a remark about Dr. Speiser’s analysis of the situation at the Hippocrates Institute, Dr. Clement said:

“Dr. Speiser (who’s a scientist) is able to do something I’ve never been able to achieve in the last 50 years of my professional career. He analyzes the water, he knows exactly what this particular geographic location requires, and he creates a system that works on this. [In] your neighborhood, he’ll do one for you.”

This powerful testimonial from valued clients like Dr. Brian Clement and everyone from Hippocrates Health Institute serves as an inspiration and driving force for CWR’s relentless pursuit of a world with accessible clean and safe drinking water for all people.

“This is a lifesaver. If you invest anything in your life, water systems like this are fundamentally essential,” Dr. Clement said in his closing statement.

You can watch the video here.