Jul 23rd 2020

Take Fresh Air With You

Personal Air Purifier

Each day people are exposed to millions of bioaerosols, or airborne microbes, which can negatively affect our health over time. These bioaerosols include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and airborne toxins. And with the continuous spread of the coronavirus, personal air space protection has never been this vital for healthy living.

Protect your personal space with CWR’s Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier! Get rid of 95% of airborne microbes, germs, and viruses wherever you travel. It’s portable, ultra-light, and can be worn as a protective accessory.


  • Rechargeable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Assists in breathing when in waiting rooms or aboard a plane
  • Helps defend against bioaerosols
  • US-patented product

Watch the video below as Dr. Roy M. Speiser talks in detail about how this incredible air purifier works

View and order CWR’s Personal Air Purifier here.