May 18th 2020

PODCAST: The Myth of Clean Water EP 9: Dr. Roy Speiser

PODCAST The Myth of Clean Water EP 9 Dr Roy Speiser

Hosted by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

As the world battles against the novel coronavirus, it is our additional duty to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the harmful agents that plague communities even before the pandemic. These contaminants, which can be found in your drinking water, may lead to obesity and Alzheimer’s in the long run. Also, dangerous chemicals and microscopic substances that are flushed down our toilets could’ve infected water supplies all over the nation.

On this podcast, our water expert Dr. Roy M. Speiser sits down with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, known as the “First Lady of Nutrition” as they discuss how today’s epidemics may be connected to the harmful contaminants found in your drinking water.