Posted by Dr. Roy M. Speiser on Aug 13th 2019

PODCAST: Is Your Drinking Water Really Clean?

Years of negligence and abuse have caused drastic changes to our natural environment. Unfortunately, even a resource as vital as our water supply has been compromised and taken for granted over and over again. It’s about time we face the harshest truth: our waters are no longer clean and safe as it was before.

How can you find out if your water supply is clean and safe to drink?

On this podcast from Thematic Signals hosted by Chris Versace, our very own water expert Dr. Roy M. Speiser tackles the bleak reality and state of the world’s water supplies. He gives useful insights as to how you can test the quality of your own water, what common contaminants you’ll probably find, and offers practical tips on how to have a reliable, clean, and safe water supply.

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