Posted by Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz on Oct 5th 2022

Decaying Infrastructure Risks Water Contamination Across the US

There is an invisible crisis the government doesn't want you to know or talk about. It's a multi-billion dollar worth of supposed investment on the improvement and maintenance of water infrastructure but was utterly neglected.

To add insult to injury. the federal government is indifferent to the entitties that illegally discharge contaminants to the country's water systems. Unfortunately. these pollutants make way to our drinking water - posing an even greater threat to our  health and well-being than the coronavirus.

But considering the scale of the water systems in the United States. how serious is this situation? What toxins can be found in the water you drink? Can you build a credible protection against contaminated water?

Water quality expert and specialist Dr. Roy M. Speiser tackles these questions in this exclusive  article from The Epoch Times.