Posted by Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz on May 31st 2021

4 Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water

4 Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Know the nastiest truths about the water bottling industry.

Bottled waters are an interesting invention of capitalism and environmental indifference. The billion-dollar industry behind these wasteful products is taking something that is essentially free and accessible to most communities around the world. They exploit it, they pack it, and they sell it for profit. Check out these nasty secrets this industry doesn't want you to know about:

               ► Only one in five plastic bottles are recycled.

               ► It takes three times more water to produce a plastic water bottle than it does to fill one.

               ► The amount of oil used to make a year's worth of bottles could fill one million cars for a year.

               ► Food & Water Watch reported that more than half of bottled water comes from the tap.

               ► The bottled water industry made $13 billion in 2014, but it would only cost $10 billion to provide clean drinking water comes from the tap.

To help you see  the bigger picture, here are the top reasons why the bottled water industry must be boycotted:

1. Plastic bottles pollute our planet 

Plastic bottles, even when they're recycled, are some of the most common wasted produced by humans on a daily basis. Not to mention, considering the pitiful state of the recycling industry in the US, it's exceedingly difficult to tell whether your bottles are actually being properly recycled. And what happens to the ones that aren't recycled? They stick around for 1000 years, destroying entire ecosystems in both land and water.

2. It's expensive but not necessarily cleaner.

The label on your favorite bottled water may depict a paradise-like mountain stream, but that's all there is to it. According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, 25% of bottled water sold in the US is sourced from...the tap. Why is it so sparkly then? It's just filtered or radiated before being sold at ridiculously high prices.

3. They can leach chemicals into your water.

Despite the collective efforts of bottling companies to use BPA-free plastic, other potentially harmful chemicals are still found in plastic bottles, and they can leach into the water if exposed to heat or left to sit for long periods of time. Like, what chemicals? Possible endocrine disrupters may be lurking inside these bottles and they could mess with hormone levels in the body.

4. Tap water with a filter installed is the best.

There’s no denying that tap water poses its own risks to human health. However, thanks to innovative manufacturers of advanced water filtration systems, you can now drink directly from the tap without having to worry about E.  coli living in your guts rent-free. Water filters from renowned companies like CWR Enviro are reliable, tested, and certified. They also review municipal water reports for customers so they can decide which filters are best for that locality.

When you ditch single-use bottled water, you save money, live healthier, and join a movement for environmental protection and global sustainability.