You have Questions, We have Answers.

Q: I don't know which Whole House System would be best for me. What next?

A: We have a Water Quality Specialist on staff that will review, with you, your local water report. Based on what is in your water, we will customize a system that best suits your needs to remove the contaminants that are most prevalent in your water. CWR is not a "one size fits all" company. Each system is specifically customized for you.

Q: Why do I need a shower filter?

A: You can absorb just as much chlorine, if not more, by taking a shower or bathing in chlorinated water. The averageperson showers for about 10-15 minutes, greatly increasing your exposure to toxic contaminants. This is why shower filtration and bathtub filtration is an absolute must.

Q: How long does the ceramic filter last?

A: The duration of the filter life depends upon the quality of your water. The Ceramic part of the ceramic filter will last indefinitely, providing the ceramic does not wear out from cleaning. However, depending on the levels of chemicals in your water, the carbon block could be used up in no less than 3 months. The Ceramic filter has been rated for approximately 9-12 months for a family of 2-3, and approximately 3-6 months for a family of 4 or more. Larger households necessitates more frequent filter changes.

Q: Should I be concerned with your plastic drinking water filter housings?

A: Not at all. Our Crown Series housings use FDA approved, non leachable polypropylene that contains no plasticizers.

Q: Why do I have to flush certain filters?

A: Each filter has loose particulates that must be flushed out, similar to a pour through pitcher filter that has a carbon block. It is necessary to flush the filter for 10-15 minutes to ensure that all of the loose particulates have been removed. Some filters have to be flushed to activate the media inside cartridge.

Q: What if I purchased online, does CWR provide customer service?

A: Yes, CWR has service technicians available Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm that can assist with any service issues varying from installing an entire new unit, or replacing the filters. For any other general questions, CWR's sales staff can assist you.

Q: Are items refundable if it doesn't fit or I don't like it?

A: Absolutely! All items (excluding custom whole house systems) are returnable for up to 30 days, and we will refund you the cost of the item. Shipping is not refundable. After 30 days, there is a 25% restocking fee if the item is unused. If the item has been used, we can not accept it back into our inventory.

Q: Is there a warranty on your products?

A: All shower filters, bathtub filters, and drinking water filters have a 1- Year Limited Warranty.

Q: Will I be notified of when I need to change my filters and order a new set?

A: Our sales team will attempt to reach you at the number or email you have provided. If we can not reach you directly we will leave a voicemail and try again at a later date. Remember: it is crucial that you change the filters at the recommended intervals for the unit to perform properly. Prolonging your filter change intervals put you at risk for consuming contaminants in your water supply.