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Even the World Health Organization is taking this matter very seriously.

The dangers of indifference towards water quality control can be serious…and messy.

Bio-scammers on a false mission to “profoundly impact and improve lives”

Mothers-to-be have something else to worry about aside from their painful labor

Years of negligence and abuse have caused drastic changes to our natural environment. Unfortunately, even a resource as vital as our water supply has been compromised and taken for granted over and over again.

Our drinking water has become a repository for toxic waste. Agricultural run-off is flushing heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals into the environment.

Families, beware. A killer not visible to the naked eye causes the early deaths of thousands of people in the United States due to heart and lung failure.

he Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed earlier this month a new limit on fluoride levels manufacturers can add to bottled drinking water. While it’s a vital move for the agency to set standards for manufacturer compliance, some researchers believe those levels of fluoride are still too high.

Residents of Long Island, New York expect a shocking rate hike on water bills as the Long Island Water Conference estimated an $840 million cost to build new treatment systems and facilities, an official statement revealed Thursday, February 14.

Why You Should Be Cautious of Your Drinking Water

Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz | Feb 20 2019 | Comments

When you take a look at a glass of water, all you can see is an invaluable substance so necessary to survival.

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